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cherry pit

Club Ac30

limited edition (500 only) "mermaid" (aquamarine/pink) 7"

Released: 12th Feb 2016


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the Russian shoegazer quintet spent a lot of time on the shop stereo in 2015 & now they're back with the 2nd single to be taken from 2016's 'grandfeathered'.

"Pinkshinyultrablast are one of a few new shoegaze bands that bring fresh air to the genre and reach beyond mere throwback. “The Cherry Pit,” is glittery and pulverizing all at once. Frontwoman Lyubov Soloveva’s seraphic voice counteracts the dense, muddy guitar textures and provides a sense of weightlessness despite the song’s heavy sonics. It’s a loud track with a wavering structure, ducking into different paths, holding back and thrusting forward when it needs to, stretching its six minutes into something like a journey" - stereogum.

*** Limited edition of 500 on "Mermaid" coloured vinyl (half aquamarine, half pink) and in a heavy reverse board sleeve ***

cherry pit


  1. The Cherry Pit (radio edit)
  2. The Cherry Pit (shiny dub)