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Headcount / Babe Slayer

pink lp + download

Released: 4th Mar 2016


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sprawling, genre-agnostic, inventive & strange with some unusual guest spots.

Some you'll have heard of like the aforementioned King Krule & Sporting Life from Ratking with rapper ThisIsDa on the tune "Sports," others less so, like Jiin (a Canadian of Korean descent) & Pyramid Vritra and his friend Tyler Major who are based in LA. The vibe is very international & of course it's all thanks to the internet. Stems & ideas traded, with Eyedress playing, recording, producing & stitching it all together in his Manila bedroom.



  1. Return of The Wicca Mane
  2. Add to The Peace
  3. Lies tear Us Apart
  4. Future Without You
  5. Secret Agent On Vacation
  6. Trust the Process
  7. When The Planets Align
  8. Ghost Whip
  9. 1990
  10. Danger There
  11. Witch Bitch
  12. Sports
  13. Don’t Trust Them
  14. Patience Is Better Than Love
  15. The Sexorcist
  16. Superficial Paradigm
  17. Night Sky
  18. Watch Your Front
  19. You Make Me Feel
  20. Sweet Apple Smile.