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The Wilderness 

bella union

translucent red & clear gatefold 2lp w/etching + download

Released: 1st Apr 2016


For a band that has come to be synonymous with open spaces and widescreen post rock ‘the wilderness’ feels acutely warm and personal.

It may be expansive but it never feels alien; each passage, each held breath and each climax opens itself up to you, allowing you in and keeping you center. Where in the past their sweeping passages have felt cinematic, ‘the wilderness’ takes you through the screen and into their world, with each track, each movement in the song helping you explore. Of all their records, it's ultimately the one that sounds the most like the image their band name evokes. But you're watching from a distance, and paying more attention to the person next to you than those colors smearing against the clouds overhead.” – 8.0 pitchfork

*** The Lp is in beautiful gatefold packaging, disc one is translucent red and disc two is clear with side D being etched. Gatefold sleeve has extended panels which wrap round and the whole things slots into an O card. ***

The Wilderness 

  1. Wilderness
  2. The Ecstatics
  3. Tangle Formations
  4. Logic Of A Dream
  5. Disintegration Anxiety
  6. Losing The Light
  7. Infinite Orbit
  8. Colors In Space
  9. Landing Cliffs