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limited neon green lp + download

Released: 18th Mar 2016



Released: 18th Mar 2016


downright dirty grooves wrought with tight knit bass and floating, wailing synth and vocal lines – it’s safe to say that it’s reached far beyond the dreaded ‘side project’ moniker.

formed of efterklang alongside finnish percussionist tatu ronkko, this troupe have travelled from berlin to Istanbul via madera and finland to record these sessions, acting like a sponge in each place, absorbing the atmospheres floating around them before releasing them into this incredible new project. pulsing, claustrophobic rhythms interspersed with banshee wailing 'raw power' sax aping synths fall back to reveal tightly wound stoned-neu! grooves and more. hearing is understanding though – this is an album full of surprises that’ll wow you on the first listen and reveal more layers every time you put it on. “a tightly wound, paranoid-sounding record where synths and percussion are packed claustrophobically together.” – 4/5 nme



  1. Your Heart
  2. Amerika
  3. Roger Waters
  4. Russians
  5. Trains in the Dark
  6. Woods
  7. 513
  8. You Stayed in Touch with the Wrong Guy
  9. Black Beach
  10. Change of Time