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When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired

Wichita Recordings


Released: 26th Feb 2016


Green LP + download

Released: 26th Feb 2016


edgy, intimate folk rock from the georgia-based quartet - breathtakingly honest & rooted in the beautiful songwriting of lead singer Kristine Leschper.

sitting somehere between angel olsen, waxahatchee & courtney barnett, these stunning songs are filtered through leschper's frequently difficult, personal microcosmic experiences, but she relates them in a manner that is at once highly affectionate & readily universal. a wonderful album & a real grower. "existential fatigue & self-interrogation - these themes & more are all, somehow, transmitted by [leschper's] lullaby-soft delivery without ever having their intensity muted" 4/5 - q.

kurtis recommends: "definitely the strongest debut of the year. steeped in anxiety and loneliness. a future force to watch out for"

When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired


  1. Too Small For Eyes
  2. It Hurts Until it Doesn’t
  3. Copper Mines
  4. Nesting Behavior
  5. Lockjaw
  6. Blood-Letting
  7. Burden of Proof
  8. Hold Your Own Hand