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the field

The Follower



Released: 1st Apr 2016


180g lp + download

Released: 1st Apr 2016


there’s no one else that can make simple repetition quite so interesting or so completely engaging.

alex willner has spent years coaxing the extraordinary out of swirling ambient techno, and it’s never been more fascinating or deep than here. particular highlight is ‘pink sun’, a sprawling, 9 minute opus that brings to mind caribou’s ‘swim’ in places, while remaining unapologetically hypnotic. it’s so easy and enticing to get lost in the layers upon layers here – stick some headphones on and let your mind wander and get lost in the field. dreamlike soundtracks for meditative reveries.” – 3.8/5 resident advisor

The Follower


  1. The Follower
  2. Pink Sun
  3. Monte Verità
  4. Soft Streams
  5. Raise The Dead
  6. Reflecting Lights