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warner brothers


Released: 8th Apr 2016


limited white 2lp

Released: 8th Apr 2016


muscular, emotive vocals rise over powerful overdriven guitars and crashing, thundering drums in the sacramento quartet’s eagerly awaited eighth studio album  - a spectacular return to ‘white pony-era form.

their first album in four years captures the band at a creative high, shifting pace from mid-tempo metallic balladry to out-and-out riffin’ numbers in a way that is at once fresh and familiar. “With ‘Gore’, Deftones created their best record in at least fifteen years and have in turn ensured a strong level of relevancy in a time that rock music is on the back-burner.” – 9/10 Alternative Nation

Sam recommends : "Beautiful and brutal, unmistakably Deftones but completely unpredictable at the same time"




  1. Prayers/Triangles
  2. Acid Hologram
  3. Doomed User
  4. Geometric Headdress
  5. Hearts and Wires
  6. Pittura Infamante
  7. Xenon
  8. (L)MIRL
  9. Gore
  10. Phantom Bride
  11. Rubicon