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2LP - £19.99
  1. Regular
  2. Copper Wire
  3. Florida
  4. Superimpose
  5. Five Four
  6. Falling Out Of Phase
  7. No Loss
  8. Skeptical
  9. Retune
  10. So
  11. 1804
  12. The Magic ('strings' ep)
  13. True Value ('strings' ep)
  14. Flag ('strings' ep)
  15. Naught ('strings' ep)

The Range


Domino Records
  • limited indies only lp + 12" ep 'strings' + dl

    Released: 25th Mar 2016

    out of stock

a beguiling album this that owes its roots to the pioneering found music style of byrne and eno’s ‘my life in the bush of ghosts’, reflecting their philosophy through an altogether more contemporary lens.

the resulting album is a breath-taking mix of james blake style expansive dub laden dance experiments underwriting haunting, almost ethereal vocals taken from a range of demos hunted down from the four corners of the internet. it’s an incredible achievement, and one that delivers sonically as well as conceptually – far more than just an interesting project, this is a truly innovative album of contemporary electronica. “what might have been a gimmick actually proves to be a masterstroke” – 4/5 q magazine

*** Deluxe LP edition includes ‘Strings EP’ ***