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Taz and May Vids


limited lp

Released: 2nd Mar 2016


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at last! some of the killer micachu tracks that have been hanging around gathering cult status on youtube and floating around the net finally get pressed to wax.

in addition to her abstract leftfield work (think the odder moments of ‘good sad happy bad’ or ‘under the skin’ ost) there are some real bangers in there, up there with her kwesachu mixtapes for pure euphoric highs. levi’s one of the prime innovators at the moment and demdike stare here have given here another platform to prove her mercurial talent.

Taz and May Vids


  1. Intro
  2. GO (with Tirzah)
  3. Dare You (with Tirzah)
  4. Chimes 7!
  5. Trip6love (With Tirzah)
  6. More Red (With Brother May)
  7. I Dare You (Demdike Stare Edit)