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melt yourself down

Last Evenings On Earth

the leaf label


Released: 29th Apr 2016


the indomitable shabaka hutchins and co prove that the best post punk can be danceable to – their fusion of uptempo jazz with experimental confrontational blurt-like delivery is on par with the slits’ ‘cut’ or pop group’s ‘y’.

their force is unstoppable – they constantly sound like they’re teetering on the edge of collapse, mutating the futuristic free jazz incendiary recordings of ornette coleman and company into a relentless barrage of groove and rhythm. if goat were raised on pere ubu and devo it might sound something like this… “this is the best kind of world music, loud, liberating and explosively experimental – 8/10 uncut

Last Evenings On Earth


  1. Dot To Dot
  2. The God Of You
  3. Listen Out
  4. Communication
  5. Jump The Fire
  6. Bharat Bata
  7. Big Children (Gran Zanfan)
  8. Body Parts
  9. Yazzan Dayra