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Apologies To The Queen: deluxe edition


limited peach, blue & pink 'loser edition' 3lp + download

Released: 20th May 2016


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reissue of the montreal band’s acclaimed first album - featuring the original album (now as a much-better-sounding 2lp) along with the band’s pre-Sub Pop, self-titled EPs, orginally released in 2003 and 2004, both of which make their vinyl debut with this release.

The package also includes the previously unreleased track 'Snakes on the Ladder' from the Apologies sessions. The album was an entirely collaborative effort, barreling headfirst and breathlessly through songs written during Wolf Parade’s early years together as a band. The album was remastered for this release by the band’s longtime associate Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering. “Wolf Parade's true talent is transforming the everyday into the unprecedented.”  - 9.2/10 pitchfork
***packaged in a tri-folded jacket with 3 custom dust sleeves***

Apologies To The Queen: deluxe edition

  1. You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son
  2. Modern World
  3. Grounds for Divorce
  4. We Built Another World
  5. Fancy Claps
  6. Same Ghost Every Night
  7. Shine a Light
  8. Dear Sons and Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts
  9. I'll Believe in Anything
  10. It's a Curse
  11. Dinner Bells
  12. This Heart's On Fire
  13. Disco Sheets (bonus track)
  14. Lousy Pictures (bonus track)
  15. Modern World (bonus track)
  16. Wits or a Dagger (bonus track)
  17. Secret Knives (bonus track)
  18. Dinner Bells (bonus track)
  19. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts (bonus track)
  20. We Built Another World (bonus track)
  21. Grounds for Divorce (bonus track)
  22. It's a Curse (bonus track)
  23. The National People's Scare (bonus track)
  24. Killing Armies (bonus track)
  25. Snakes on a Ladder (bonus track)