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Bellowhead Live: The Farewell Tour


2cd + dvd

Released: 8th Apr 2016


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this is one hell of a swansong from one of Britain’s most successful contemporary folk bands – what we have here is a Deluxe 52 track 2 CD + DVD package recorded live on the first leg of their final sold out tour.

Early in 2015, lead singer Jon Boden decided to step down from the band and the rest of Bellowhead felt they didn't want to continue without him. ‘Bellowhead Live – The Final Tour’ is exactly what the fans have been waiting for and much more – a triple disc document of the band at the peak of their powers, delivering their most popular singles, album tracks and live favourites. The DVD features the band's full concert from Leicester's De Montfort Hall, 19th November 2015 in its entirety. The package also features 24 pages of exclusive photos taken live on the November tour.

Bellowhead Live: The Farewell Tour


  1. Roll Alabama
  2. 10,000 Miles Away
  3. Lillibulero
  4. Betsy Baker
  5. If You Will Not Have Me, You May Let Me Go
  6. Jordan
  7. Haul Away
  8. Captain Wedderburn
  9. What’s The Life Of Man?
  10. Fine Sally
  11. Gosport Nancy
  12. Parson’s Farewell
  13. Roll The Woodpile Down
  14. CD 2: Let Her Run
  15. Old Dun Cow
  16. Rosemary Lane
  17. Moon Kittens
  18. the March Past
  19. Byker Hill
  20. The Wife Of Usher’s Well
  21. Jack Lintel
  22. Black Beetle Pies
  23. Greenwood Side
  24. Sloe Gin
  25. London Town
  26. New York Girls
  27. Frog’s Legs & Dragon’s Teeth
  28. DVD: Moon Kittens
  29. Roll Alabama
  30. Betsy Baker
  31. Jack Lintel
  32. Fine Sally
  33. Old Dun Cow
  34. Thousands Or More
  35. Lillibulero
  36. Black Beetle Pies
  37. the Wife Of Usher’s Well
  38. What’s The Life Of Man?
  39. Gosport Nancy
  40. The March Past
  41. Greenwood Side
  42. Let Her Run
  43. Let Union Be
  44. Rosemary Lane
  45. Haul Away
  46. Roll The Woodpile Down
  47. London Town
  48. New York Girls
  49. Frog’s Legs & Dragon’s Teeth
  50. Down Where The Drunkards Roll