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NURTON (2016 reissue)

bureau b


Released: 25th Mar 2016



Released: 25th Mar 2016


perhaps owing something to eno’s influential ‘oblique strategies’, ‘nurton’ is a uniquely inventive album that listens for and builds on flaws and mistakes, transforming them into something unique and incredible.

never losing a chance to experiment and confound, even In his later years Mobius was a serial inventor and innovator, never swerving towards the mainstream. Though he tragically passed in 2015, bureau b are picking up his often overlooked later work and giving it new air. 

NURTON (2016 reissue)


  1. Anfahrt
  2. Gängig
  3. Mahalmal
  4. Born Neo
  5. Schleudergang
  6. Flag
  7. Opaque
  8. Snorkel
  9. Story
  10. Sad
  11. Warum?
  12. Moskito
  13. April
  14. Das Letzte