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warner bros / 14th floor


Released: 8th Jul 2016


digipack cd

Released: 8th Jul 2016


standard lp + download

Released: 8th Jul 2016


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indies exclusive clear lp + download

Released: 8th Jul 2016


angular riffs, pummelling rhythms and strident hooks galore alongside biffy's almost absurd ability to write big ol' fists in the air choruses.

waves of euphoria wash through the record at a million miles an hour, it's all cathartic anthems and the occasional piece of wonderfully relaxed acoustic ditties. Citing influences as diverse as Tears For Fears’ ‘Songs From The Big Chair’ album, DJ Arca and Deafheaven, frontman Simon Neil has described ‘Ellipsis’ as “more of a punch to the nose than a big cuddle.” which sounds about right. "this is one of biffy's best records yet." - 4/5 q magazine



  1. Wolves of Winter
  2. Friends and Enemies
  3. Animal Style
  4. Re-arrange
  5. Herex
  6. Medicine
  7. Flammable
  8. On a Bang
  9. Small Wishes
  10. Howl
  11. People
  12. Don't, Won't, Can't
  13. In the Name of the Wee Man