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The Blue Swell

Kanine Records


Released: 6th May 2016


lp + dl

Released: 6th May 2016


the main driving force behind Beverly is Drew Citron - While Beverly began as a recording project between two friends, this sophomore represents a fresh start for the band.

What do you do when your original writing partner up and moves to Los Angeles upon album release? You quickly form a new live touring band. And when you live in Bushwick in 2014 and you build and run indie rock venue Alphaville, that's easy to do. You even turn your two person project into a full blown rock band with energetic live shows. On 'The Blue Swell', Citron's main collaborator is longtime tour mate and noise pop producer Scott Rosenthal (The Beets, Crystal Stilts), with Kip Berman (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart) lending co-writing talents to Victoria.

The Blue Swell


  1. Bulldozer
  2. Crooked Cop
  3. You Said It
  4. Victoria
  5. South Collins
  6. Lake House
  7. Contact
  8. The Smokey Pines
  9. You Used To Be A Good Girl
  10. Don't Wanna Fight