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HITnRUN Phase Two



Released: 6th May 2016


the thirty-ninth studio album by Prince! Produced, arranged, composed & performed by Prince & The New Power Generation, this is the companion album to the excellent 'HITnRUN Phase One'.

where that album seemed to focus on where Prince wanted to go (EDM-inflected bangers, poppy dance cuts) '...Phase Two', with its brassy, buoyant arrangements and cheeky lyrics, embodies the artist in his natural state as a soul-funk master. It adds up to his most consistently engaging album in years, blending in echoes of the ghosts of Prince past (à la 'Sexy MF' and 'Come') while still sounding refreshingly modern. The Freddie Gray tribute 'Baltimore' is among his catchiest latter-day singles, and he never loses sight of hooks on 'Stare', 'Black Muse', and 'Screwdriver'. Better yet, he sounds like he's having fun: On 'Look at Me, Look at U', he jokes that "even Ray Charles can see" the chemistry he has with a woman ("Stevie Wonder can too"), and deep into the elastic 'Stare', he says, "Can I get a kiss?" before playing his iconic guitar scratch from 'Kiss'. "As eclectic as he can be, Phase Two is what he does best." - Rolling Stone Magazine

HITnRUN Phase Two


  1. Baltimore
  2. Rock N Roll Love Affair
  3. 2.Y.2.D.
  4. Look At Me, Look At U
  5. Stare
  6. Xtraloveable
  7. Groovy Potential
  8. When She Comes
  9. Screwdriver
  10. Black Muse
  11. Revelation
  12. Big City