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Fujiya & Miyagi



12" EP

Released: 27th May 2016


we've made no secret of our love for this Brighton outfit & their krauty grooves - they have now been making expansive, experimental & multifaceted electronic-driven music for over fifteen years.

they have been as successful in their investigations into bleep as they have elongated Krautrock wig outs, & creating breathy electro pop as fiercely as they do post-punk indebted scratchy dance. 'EP1' feels like an amalgamation of all of these factors, condensed succinctly into four tracks, the first of three planned EPs which will accumulate in a new album in early 2017.

'EP1' comes in a triple gatefold sleeve which will  house the subsequently released 'EP2' & 'EP3'.



  1. Serotonin Rushes
  2. To The Last Beat Of My Heart
  3. Freudian Slips
  4. Magnesium Flares