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high water


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Released: 24th Jun 2016


a beguiling, evocative music that, from track to track, recalls a series of short films, a sculptural forest, or a kaleidoscopic fever dream.

High Water serves as the nom de plume of multi-instrumentalist Will Epstein, who garnered much praise on his 'The Beautiful Moon' 12’ and his stunning solo performances on several tours with his longtime friends Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington as Darkside. Lead track is a cover of Lucinda Williams' 'Changed The Locks'. The gentle lull that begins “Moonlight Mind” kabooms into a pulsing beat with a soulful twitch. Snappy drums are chopped and reassembled; Harrington’s guitar pinches tones in bitcrushed screams and inspired blue country twangs. The soft “Forecast,” pooled in reverb, spikes under synthesized high beams and sputtering organ. A guttural sax masquerades as a digital insect frantically cleaning its mandibles—later the horn returns as a distant wheeze, a watery figment. A soft-dub rework of Lucinda Williams’ “Changed the Locks” confirms the love/hurt essence of Crush. Ancient murals spell “Seattle,” a distant place where sensual heat is felt and peaceful melodies fume out of dark tombs. Through all this and the last three songs-- the contemplative final stanza--the prevailing imagery is that of the rain.



  1. Moonlight Mind
  2. Bad Touch
  3. Forecast
  4. Woman In The Dunes
  5. Changed The Locks
  6. Seattle
  7. Run Around You
  8. Railroad Song (reprise)
  9. Crush