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morgan delt

phase zero



Released: 26th Aug 2016


lp + download

Released: 26th Aug 2016


bedroom guitar pop invoking classic west coast psychedelia, this release from the california native is a subtler, more brain-tickling affair than its predecessor.

Doused in echo and haze, slow chords lap in like Pacific waves, flanked by gentle whispers of multi-tracked, cooing vox, phased guitars and fuzz, delt's brand of psychedelia is more revisionist that pure re-enactment. "delt occupies the dreamier end of californian psych, with a syd barrett vibe running through... artfully twins the cali poles of introspection versus landscape... sounding as if they were written purely for contemplating sunrises in blissful solitude" - 8/10 uncut

phase zero


  1. I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside
  2. The System of 1,000 Lies
  3. Another Person
  4. Sun Powers
  5. The Age of the Birdman
  6. Mssr. Monster
  7. A Gun Appears
  8. The Lowest of the Low
  9. Escape Capsule
  10. Some Sunsick Day