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original soundtrack (henry jackman)

music on vinyl

limited silver 2lp

Released: 11th Jul 2016


jackman’s score for this marvel classic could not have been done better – a truly great soundtrack.

The story is the epic beginning of the X-Men saga and tells the secret history of famous global events, set against the two young (at first) close friends Professor X and Magneto, who later become arch- enemies, to prevent Nuclear Armageddon The music was composed by Henry Jackman whose credits include “The Da Vinci Code” with Hans Zimmerman, “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”, “Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End” and recently the 2016 soundtrack for “The 5th Wave”.


original soundtrack (henry jackman)


  1. First Class
  2. Pain and Anger
  3. Would You date me?
  4. Not That Sort Of Bank
  5. Frankenstein’s Monster
  6. What Am I thinking
  7. Cerebro
  8. Mobilise For Russia
  9. Rise Up To Rule
  10. Cold War
  11. X-Training
  12. Rage and Serenity
  13. To Beast Or Not To Beast
  14. True Colours
  15. Let Battle Commence
  16. Sub Lift
  17. Coup d’État
  18. Mutant and Proud
  19. X-Men
  20. Magneto