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Ian William Craig

Meaning Turns To Whispers

Aguirre Records

limited (500 only) lp

Released: 8th Jul 2016


a combination of piano improvisations & FM feedback loops, recorded over various winters in the period 2009-2011 and edited down / manipulated / degraded to reveal some of their hidden spaces.

The discreet piano layers mixed with waves of white noise keep on intriguing and make us longing for more. Ian is a trained opera singer and painter out of Vancouver, Canada. Over the last few years he has proved to be one of the most original artists active in the ambient / experimental genre. he has been making music since 2009, when he sat at a piano and started recording improvisations. The result was 'Meaning Turns to Whispers', a record rooted in a gorgeous neo-classical tradition, but totally fucked up by tape manipulations that made it anything but pretty. For Craig, the use of reel-to-reels is a way of decaying sentimentality: any time his music has come too close to meeting his expectations, he’s uprooted it, creating impervious walls or bursts of modest but stupefying noise, anything that might help rewrite the truth. "i owe william basinski a great deal as i've basically built a bunch of instant 'disintegration loops' machines, in a way commandeering that aesthetic without the same kind of intent" - I.W.Craig. 

Meaning Turns To Whispers