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Released: 5th Aug 2016


the London-based electronic songwriter Ryan Lee West treats us to a mini-album - a 34-minute, 6-track set of nocturnal sounds that delight our ears once more - it contains moments of vibrant colour & hope, as much as darkness & sadness.

. The opening statement ‘Pattern of the North’ starts off with a collage of spliced synth melodies, inspired by anxiety that accompanies going home for Christmas. It’s followed by ‘Johannesburg’, an early sketch gradually filled out during his tour in South Africa. “I think this is one of my most colourful pieces of music, with its driving rhythm & almost a homage to Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ towards the end, with a build of very simple, hypnotic parts”. ‘Lone’ started life around the time Ryan was working on his ‘Sonne’ EP in 2014. It’s the result of constant adjustments to find the perfect balance of fragility & assurance. The closing statement ‘What Sorrow’ is a fitting end to the album, building from gentle melancholia to a joyous crescendo.




  1. Pattern Of The North
  2. Johannesburg
  3. Slow Song
  4. Lone
  5. Night Melody
  6. What Sorrow