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kemper norton


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Released: 26th Aug 2016

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dense drones mutate to spacious, flickering tones revealing gentle, reverberant  melodies & distant, echoic vocals – the musical world of Kemper Norton is as unique as it is entrancing.

Whereas previous releases were located in specific rural locations & the city respectively, ‘Toll’ takes place offshore, exploring themes of vengeance, destroyed communities, the perils of nostalgia & myth & the concept of home. “Using such minimal instrumentation as a laptop, harmonium & Casio keyboard, together with various low budget recording equipment, Norton seems to have an extra sensory knack of creating something moving, eerie and somewhat chilling out of almost nothing." – The Wire



  1. Yadnik
  2. The Town
  3. Sirens
  4. Seven Stones 1
  5. Black Silk
  6. Seven Stones 2
  7. Agnes and Louisa
  8. Dahut
  9. Coming Home
  10. Danaoin
  11. Seven Stones 3
  12. The Tide