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False Readings On

temporary residence ltd


Released: 2nd Sep 2016



Released: 2nd Sep 2016


An enormous, breathtaking and wide ranging world of drones punctuated by operatic voice, feedback and the occasional hint of a staccato melody line – it may be cliché to call an album overwhelming but this truly is.

there’s references galore for those that care to listen – basinski’s entropic cycles, richter’s effortless blending of organic sounds with samples, colin stetson’s modern use of opera for drama in post rock/metal or even Arthur russell’s ‘world of echo’ with its half-forgotten melodies and  underwater dub – but nothing comes close to the flowing, almost oceanic in size and deceptively complex compositions on show here.         

False Readings On


  1. Strangeworks
  2. Fugue State
  3. Drowning Tone
  4. Regenerative Being
  5. Washer Logistics
  6. Movie Night Revisited
  7. Beyond The Moon For Someone In Reverse
  8. False Readings On
  9. Rorschach Pavan
  10. Individuation
  11. Posturing Through Metaphysical Collapse