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Released: 26th Aug 2016


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180g lp + download

Released: 26th Aug 2016


something of a sequel to 2012’s ‘sleep games’, jenkins’ production matches Carpenter-esque slow kosmiche disco & ambience, woozy synth melodies & somnambulistic grooves with soft, rich textures.

there’s an epic sensibility at play here: The haunted concrete caverns of the earlier album give way here, to vast, awe inspiring spaces. “the album charts a much deeper state of consciousness than the one outlined ‘sleep games’… every track shows the confidence of someone who knows exactly which buttons to push and when” – the wire



  1. Approach
  2. Lost Ways
  3. Autonomization
  4. Sleep Chamber
  5. Ganzfeld Effect
  6. A Chance?
  7. Electric Eye
  8. At the Heart of Stasis
  9. Transformative State
  10. Vorsicht
  11. Ways Regained
  12. Pulse Threshold
  13. Verberation Lab
  14. Mountain View