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grumbling fur


thrill jockey


Released: 16th Sep 2016


LP + download

Released: 16th Sep 2016


a masterclass in modern psychedelia - this is an album of wacky pop gold shaped by a discordant selection of musical affections, encompassing orchestrated poptones, dub and beatmaking as well as experimental and drone elements - touchtones might include Faust, Arthur Russell, and Stereolab as much as CC Hennix and Madlib (to name just a few).

full of songs that layer multiple instruments to create wonderful psych-pop in the vein of brian eno or boards of canada. "experimental enough to satiate the genre’s connoisseurs yet fluid and welcoming enough to be accessed by audiences from across the popular music spectrum." - 8.5/10 the line of best fit



  1. Strange The Friends
  2. Acid Ali Khan
  3. Heavy Days
  4. Molten Familiar
  5. Milky Light
  6. Pyewacket’s Palace
  7. Perfect Reader
  8. Silent Plans / Black Egg
  9. Golden Simon
  10. Sapien Sapiens
  11. Come Down And Watch Them
  12. Suneaters