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The False Foundation



Released: 7th Oct 2016


heavyweight 2lp + download

Released: 7th Oct 2016


the dark electronic rock-trip-hop project, Archive, was formed by Darius Keeler & Danny Griffiths & now they release their 10th studio album in a 23 year career.

Following the ominous beat-driven electro onslaught of lead track ‘Driving In Nails’, ‘Bright Lights’ showcases the more sensitive & soulful side of the Archive sound with Pollard Berrier delivering a beautiful, yearning vocal over a subtle piano & synth backing. "There’s something extraordinarily beguiling & entrancing about ‘The False Foundation’...Jittery synths butt up against focused, driving drums as ambient, yet foreboding, soundscapes pervade the background. Drawing on the tense paranoia of Trent Reznor at his most cynical, the track sleekly & expertly builds to a tense & carthatic climax with near religious shouts of,”The king of the false foundation”, a chorus of voices that is at once angelic & somewhat disturbing & menacing, distorted guitars" - overblown.

The False Foundation


  1. Blue Faces
  2. Driving In Nails
  3. The Pull Out
  4. The False Foundation
  5. Bright Lights
  6. A Thousand Thoughts
  7. Splinters
  8. Sell Out
  9. Stay Tribal
  10. The Weight Of The World