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the altar

virgin emi


Released: 30th Sep 2016



Released: 14th Oct 2016


it was a long two years between 2014’s ‘goddess’ and the album we have here but it’s been worth the wait – banks’ idiosyncratic pop sensibilities on ‘the altar’ prove that she’s up there with the likes of Christine and the queens, jessy lanza and nao.

on the surface it’s a well-produced electro pop record, but dig deeper and you’ll find a core of pure soul underwriting it, and it’s that emotive undercurrent, in both her lyrics and her music, that make this truly special. “[fuck with myself] should equal an automatic promotion to pop’s top tier” – the guardian

the altar


  1. Gemini Feed
  2. Fuck With Myself
  3. Lovesick
  4. Mind Games
  5. Trainwreck
  6. This Is Not About Us
  7. Weaker Girl
  8. Mother Earth
  9. Judas
  10. Haunt
  11. Poltergeist
  12. To The Hilt
  13. 27 Hours