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Released: 30th Sep 2016



Released: 30th Sep 2016


this is the third part of a trilogy that begun with 'The Hipsters' in 2012 and continued with 'A New House' in 2014.

As such it continues a songwriting trajectory that is all rich, idiosyncratic and sharply honed at once– and inevitably coloured by a sense of urgency to make sense of recent events, both personal and global. The song which starts off the whole thing is ‘The Believers.’ in their words, “It seems inevitable really that one day we would have a record called Believers and it’s our statement to the fact that belief in the possibilities of hope and a better tomorrow is the side we choose to come down on.”



  1. The Believers
  2. This Is A Love Song
  3. i Will and I Won’t
  4. Meteors
  5. Gone
  6. What I Left Out
  7. A Boy
  8. Birds
  9. You Can’t Know Everything
  10. Delivery Man
  11. Come Awake
  12. B Boy