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Released: 18th Nov 2016


limited clear lp + dvd

Released: 18th Nov 2016


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Häxan (translation: ‘The Witch’) was inspired by what is thought to be the oldest surviving animated feature film – as such this is a deep, exploratory and cinematic album, both haunting and cosmic, that's winning over the uninitiated amongst the resident staffers.

It’s also their first all-instrumental full-length, forging rich and evocative worlds from their array of psych-rock tools and studio experimentation. Moody, evocative, stormy, and brimming with life, Häxan provides both a tacit summation of the Dungen journey until now, and gives the beloved group a chance to stretch out like never before. There’s an involving back-story to this release, but anyone enamoured with their countrymates – goat - will be able to dive right in and have a wonderful time with this one.



  1. Peri Banu vid sjön
  2. Jakten genom skogen
  3. Wak-Wak’s portar
  4. Den Fattige Aladdin
  5. Trollkarlen och fågeldräkten
  6. Grottan
  7. Häxan
  8. Aladdins flykt över havet
  9. Kalifen
  10. Achmed flyger
  11. Aladdin och lampan, del 1
  12. Aladdin och lampan, del 2
  13. Achmed och Peri Banu
  14. Andarnas Krig