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Sonic Cathedral


Released: 4th Nov 2016


2LP + download

Released: 4th Nov 2016


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Newly a duo, the excellent previous ‘deep distance’ ep is outstripped by these extended jams, which truly cross-over into some altered zones of celestial jazz at their peak.

The addition of Christopher Duffin’s sax, echoing into eternity, increases the improvisational quality to the recording, but also allows Matthew Benn’s synthesised worlds to breathe more human textures. Journeying to cosmic realms via the repetition of Detroit and utopianism of Dusseldorf, these pieces lock-in to deep loops that have you hanging on every variation and textural deviation. And when those synths twinkle and the brass reverberates, it’s the golden ticket to a euphoric listening experience.  “…a record that remains consistently transfixing and absorbing until the dying squawks of the synthesisers“ 9/10 - loud and quiet



  1. Proem
  2. Pine Barrens
  3. I Extend My Arms Pt I & II
  4. Ashtanga
  5. The Test Dream
  6. René