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Trembling Bells And Bonnie "Prince" Billy

The Bonnie Bells Of Oxford

tin angel


Released: 28th Oct 2016


Green LP

Released: 28th Oct 2016


The collaboration between these two artist feels like it makes perfect sense, both somehow out-of time, unconcerned and unconnected with their contemporary musical context, and eeking out an oeuvre all of their own.

The Trembling Bells were always too unfashionable for the nu-folk moment, and Will Oldham too obscure for the mega-stardom his songwriting perhaps deserves – both make beautiful, timeless music, redolent of the past but rooted in the present. For our money, this live album captures the project at its best, capturing the 2012 material and subsequent work with great energy and drama. Tensions are dissolved in this heady brew, between warring lovers, goat and ram, dark and light, heaven and hell, country and folk, this world and the next, a rhapsodic dialectic embodied by the fervent vocals of Bonnie Billy and Lavinia Blackwall. “It's with a heavy spoonful of relief then that Trembling Bells (and) Bonnie 'Prince' Billy have captured something of their recurring collaborations and the energy of their brief 2012 tour… a further dose of proof that Trembling Bells are a singularly tremendous band, a fact that seems to be taking its time making itself known” – the quietus

The Bonnie Bells Of Oxford


  1. Rainbow
  2. Jolly
  3. Goat And Ram
  4. Husband
  5. Riding
  6. Excursions Into Assonance
  7. So Everyone
  8. Love's Made An Outlaw Of My Heart
  9. All Gone, All Gone
  10. Bottom
  11. No God
  12. Bottle
  13. Love Is A Velvet Noose