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The Gladiators

The Virgin Collection

caroline international


Released: 18th Nov 2016


This 2cd collection brings together the  first recordings released outside of their native Jamaica in the 70s by the legendary reggae troupe.

After making their recording debut during the rock steady era of the late sixties, the Gladiators enjoyed modest success before commencing a hugely successful working relationship with Kingston-based producer ‘Prince Tony’ Robinson in 1976. The best of these recordings subsequently featured on 3 popular albums: ‘Trenchtown Mix Up’ (1976), ‘Proverbial Reggae’ (1978), ‘Naturality’ (1979), while a fourth, self-produced LP, ‘Sweet So Till’ ensured that as the decade drew to a close, the Gladiators were firmly established as one of reggae music’s leading acts. Yet despite the long-standing popularity of their work, only 3 of this quartet of albums have to date been rereleased in any format, with the outstanding ‘Naturality’ inexplicably unavailable since the year of its original issue. All four are brought together here, plus extras.

The Virgin Collection


Disc 1

  1. Mix Up
  2. Bellyfull
  3. Looks Is Deceiving
  4. Chatty Chatty Mouth
  5. Soul Rebel
  6. Eli Eli
  7. Hearsay
  8. Rude Boy Ska
  9. Know Yourself Mankind
  10. Thief In The Night
  11. Hello Carol
  12. Pocket Money (Disco Mix)
  13. Evil Doers (Disco Mix / 2016 Edit)
  14. Jah Works
  15. The Best Things In Life
  16. Dreadlocks The Time Is Now
  17. Fly Away
  18. Marvel Not
  19. Stick A Bush
  20. Stop Before You Go
  21. Can You Imagine How I Feel
  22. We'll Find The Blessing
  23. Music Makers From Jamaica

Disc 2

  1. Naturality (1990 Digital Remaster)
  2. Struggle (1990 Digital Remaster)
  3. Write To Me (1990 Digital Remaster)
  4. Counting My Blessing
  5. Get Ready (1990 Digital Remaster)
  6. Praises To The Most High
  7. Nyahbingi Marching On
  8. Dry Your Weeping Eyes
  9. Greatest Love
  10. Exodus
  11. Sweet So Till (2002 Digital Remaster)
  12. No Disturbance (2002 Digital Remaster)
  13. A Day We Go (2002 Digital Remaster)
  14. Let Jah Be Praised (2002 Digital Remaster)
  15. Red And Green And Gold (2002 Digital Remaster)
  16. Back Yard Meditation (2002 Digital Remaster)
  17. Press Along (2002 Digital Remaster)
  18. Merrily (2002 Digital Remaster)
  19. Holiday Ride (2002 Remaster