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The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads (2017 reissue)



Released: 3rd Feb 2017


blue & red 2LP + download

Released: 3rd Feb 2017


boxset with red & blue 2lp + bonus ep + peel sessions + download

Released: 10th Mar 2017


The 15th anniversary celebration of the Texan trio’s seminal double concept album gave us the perfect excuse to have it on a loop again.

The purity of mainman Josh T. Pearson’s vision and the passion with which the band executed it, still electrifies. They’re one of those bands who, like Neutral Milk Hotel, have grown in stature and reputation after disbanding - the legend of their thunderous live shows and sole record building through word of
mouth. The definitive re-release of this work of breath-taking ambition and divine inspiration, was remixed and re-mastered in the studio where it was recorded, the way it should have been mixed originally. In Josh’s masterful words: “It’s good to have our balls back after years spent being castrated. There’s no better bands out there. Lift To Experience was as good as it gets”.

"The new mix is an immersive experience…a suitable soundtrack to uncertain times" - Uncut

The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads (2017 reissue)


  1. Just As We Told
  2. Down Came The Angels
  3. Falling From Cloud 9
  4. With Crippled Wings
  5. Waiting To Hit
  6. The Ground So Soft
  7. These Are The Days
  8. When We Shall Touch
  9. Down With The Prophets
  10. To Guard And To Guide You
  11. Into The StormPeel Sessions 15/04/2001
  12. Falling From Cloud 9 (boxset only)
  13. Ground So Soft (boxset only)
  14. Just As Was Told (boxset only)
  15. With The World Behind (boxset only)
  16. Falling From Cloud 9 (boxset only)
  17. With The World Behind (boxset only)
  18. Arise And Shine (boxset only)
  19. Liftin On Up (boxset only)