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A Divorce Before Marriage

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Released: 2nd Dec 2016


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‘A Divorce Before Marriage’ is the self-same named feature length documentary that centres on the lives of the band, the soundtrack recorded quickly and spontaneously over the course of two days.

With freedom and spontaneity comes the feeling it could all fall apart at any moment…working on instinct, there is an aching intimacy to proceedings. The creaking of piano hammers, the shuffling of feet and the sound of a band living on their wits are all very much in evidence. When I LIKE TRAINS do let loose with the sonic arsenal on which they made their name over a decade ago, the results are devastating. “a beautifully realised and melancholy affair, an account of hope regained, of some small victory snatched outwith the jaws of defeat” - culture vulture

A Divorce Before Marriage


  1. Bethesda
  2. Tennyson
  3. Wharfe
  4. Elbe
  5. X
  6. North
  7. A Misspent Youth
  8. Lock 19
  9. Aire
  10. Ilkley Moor
  11. Severn Bridge