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memories are now



Released: 10th Feb 2017


LP + download

Released: 10th Feb 2017


limited indies only gold "loser edition" lp + download

Released: 10th Feb 2017


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this album showcases every edge and curve of her captivating voice, and covers sounds and themes ranging from the mythic to the deeply intimate - it's wonderfully kate bush-y yet beautifully restrained too.

the lack of instrumental clutter leaves space for a sonic smoothness, a purity, & creates a pedestal on which hoop’s voice truly shines for what is perhaps her best outing yet. an album of stunningly original songs – minimalist yet brimming with energy. here, she has stripped away layers, keeping it as close to the live experience as possible. “Past, present, and future rest patiently before Hoop, and she’s weaved them all into her most endearing album yet.” 10/10 – drowned in sound, “Memories Are Now is a gorgeously delivered elegy to heartbreak and loss; powerful, perfectly executed songs to bring comfort and strength to the weary, broken and scorned.” 5/5 – the skinny

memories are now


  1. Memories Are Now
  2. The Lost Sky
  3. Animal Kingdom Chaotic
  4. Simon Says
  5. Cut Connection
  6. Songs of Old
  7. Unsaid
  8. Pegasi
  9. The Coming