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Freedom Highway



Released: 24th Feb 2017


140g lp + download

Released: 24th Feb 2017


These are protest songs with power and grace – giddens’ invocation of everything from trad American gothic to southern soul to gospel blues is masterful and perfectly weighted.

in her own words, “These songs are based on slave narratives from the 1800s, African American experiences of the last century, and the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s and headlines from streets of Ferguson and Baltimore today. Voices demanding to be heard, to impart the hard-earned wisdom of a tangled, difficult, complicated history; we just try to open the door and let them through." —Rhiannon Giddens


Freedom Highway


  1. At the Purchaser’s Option
  2. The Angels Laid Him Away
  3. Julie
  4. Birmingham Sunday
  5. Better Get It Right the First Time
  6. We Could Fly
  7. Hey Bébé
  8. Come Love Come
  9. The Love We Almost Had
  10. Baby Boy
  11. Following the North Sta
  12. Freedom Highway