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julia holter

In The Same Room

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Released: 31st Mar 2017


this is essential for anyone who has witnessed her brilliant, beguiling band live, as well as the perfect introduction to a truly important and innovative young artist.

Comprised of new arrangements of songs from her first 4 albums, this career-spanning collection transforms the energy of its songs – each one is a fascinating and experimental reinterpretation. this is the fruit of two days recording by Julia and her tremendous band at RAK Studios in the days after their main stage performance at Green Man Festival in Wales.


In The Same Room

  1. Horns Surrounding Me (Live at RAK)
  2. So Lillies (Live at RAK)
  3. Silhouette (Live at RAK)
  4. How Long (Live at RAK)
  5. Feel You (Live at RAK)
  6. Lucette Stranded on the Island (Live at RAK)
  7. In The Green Wild (Live at RAK)
  8. City Appearing (Live at RAK)
  9. Vasquez (Live at RAK)
  10. Betsy on the Roof (Live at RAK)
  11. Sea Calls Me Home (Live at RAK)