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yours conditionally

mutually detrimental


Released: 10th Mar 2017


white lp + download

Released: 10th Mar 2017


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The husband and wife duo Build on their dreamy combination of perfect melodies and classic song-writing for an aural experience equivocal to the sensation of sunshine on your skin.

the album weds discussions of identity and self-sacrifice to some of their most pristine and infectious hooks yet. the Achingly beautiful lead single “In the Morning I’ll Be Better” is about the precariousness of life and beams with gorgeous melodies belying its subject matter of Riley seeing a family member through a serious illness. the divine swoon of “Modern Woman” hit the pop bullseye square on the nose while unpacking conflicting themes of feminism and industry archetypes. “the interplay between Moore’s chords and Patrick Riley’s thick, knotty bass lines is always wonderful, a true sign of their musical chemistry.” 4/5 – line of best fit


yours conditionally


  1. In The Morning I’ll Be Better
  2. My Emotions Are Blinding
  3. Fields of Blue
  4. Ladies Don’t Play Guitar
  5. Matrimony
  6. Baby Don’t Believe
  7. Please Don’t Ruin This For Me
  8. 10 Minutes 10 Years
  9. Modern Woman
  10. Island Music