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Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins

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Released: 10th Feb 2017


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Released: 10th Feb 2017


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these gold-tinged Americana ballads have a timeless quality that feel simultaneously nostalgic & refreshingly modern.

describing this as California Noir, prophet says "The state has always represented the Golden Dream, and it's the tension between romance and reality that lurks underneath the surface in all noir films and paperbacks, and that connects these songs. Doomed love, inconsolable loneliness, rags to riches to rags again, and fast-paced violence are always on the menu on the Left Coast."

Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins


  1. Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins
  2. Your Skin
  3. Open Up Your Heart
  4. Coming Out In Code
  5. Killing Machine
  6. Bad Year For Rock And Roll
  7. Jesus Was A Social Drinker
  8. In The Mausoleum (For Alan Vega)
  9. Rider Or The Train
  10. If I Was Connie Britton
  11. Post-War Cinematic Dead Man Blues
  12. We Got Up And Played
  13. Alex Nieto