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Deep Throat Choir


bella union

lp + download

Released: 17th Feb 2017


a gorgeous and immediately intriguing debut from the all-female singing collective that brings together the material they have been performing over the past three years.

formed by Luisa Gerstein (Landshapes, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) the project was driven by the simple desire to bring music making back to a few basic elements - voices and drums. Not for the love of choirs per se but for the love of raw female voices thrown together, of the interplay of intricate vocal melodies and harmonies. Luisa wanted to sing and arrange the music she loved and to hear it stripped and bolstered in that specific way that lots of voices can do. A melody sung by one voice is so different from a melody sung by many and the same goes for words; the sentiment is altogether transformed when carried by a collective as opposed to an individual. This is exemplified perfectly in the line “show me emotional respect” from the choir’s arrangement of Björk’s ‘Stonemilker’. It’s not just one woman’s plea, it’s an anthem for all. The album’s title track is one of three original Deep Throat Choir compositions, amongst arrangements of existing songs by such artists as Electrelane, Wildbirds And Peacedrums, MK and Amy Winehouse. Working closely with Dan Blackett (Landshapes) and David Holmes at Soup Studios, the choir have made sure the record stays true to their live energy, whilst incorporating other instrumentation carefully and sparingly across the tracks.



  1. Ada
  2. Ritual Union
  3. In My Bed
  4. Hey Mami
  5. The Wave
  6. Stonemilker
  7. Daydreaming
  8. In Berlin
  9. Burning
  10. Baby
  11. Be OK