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Jackie Mittoo

Striker Showcase

VP Records


Released: 10th Mar 2017


This re-mastered 2CD set collects together 3 classic albums of the legendary keyboard genius, Jackie mittoo (Showcase, Keyboard King & Hot Blood), with extra choice cuts.

Without doubt the most important figure in the development of Jamaican music, Jackie’s work at Studio One set the template for the future of reggae, his work there still being referenced and versioned to this day. this collection finds Jackie Mittoo re-visting much of his Brentford Road past for producer Bunny Lee, classic 70’s recordings that proved extremely popular in the rockers era.


Striker Showcase


  1. Champions Of The Arena
  2. Hot Milk
  3. Darker Shade Of Black
  4. Drum Song
  5. The Sniper
  6. Peace Treaty
  7. North Of The Sun
  8. Jumping Jack
  9. Super Charge
  10. One Step Forward
  11. Death Trap
  12. Earthquake
  13. Atom Sounds
  14. In Cold Blood
  15. Ram Jam
  16. Clean Up The Arena
  17. The Thriller
  18. You'll Never Find
  19. A Rocking Sensation
  20. World Of Love
  21. Creative Rock
  22. The Avenge
  23. The Penetrator
  24. Mediator
  25. A Standing Ovation
  26. Jah Rock Style
  27. Merry Go Round
  28. Locks And Keys
  29. Hot Blood
  30. Man On The Hill
  31. Disco Jack
  32. Channel One Crash
  33. Brain Mark
  34. Dub Cut