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the orb

The Cow Remixes – Sin In Space Pt.3



Released: 3rd Mar 2017


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The spontaneous, organic vibe and sample artistry of the album is reflected in three distinct reworks from highly respected Kompakt mainstays THE FIELD, DAVE DK and JÖRG BURGER - all of them informed with surprising twists and displaying a clear lineage to the source material.

THE FIELD's remix of 9 ELMS OVER RIVER ENO takes the original's percussive part and unfolds it to a swirling, tropical epic that alludes as much to The Orb's multifaceted sound collages as it does to the hypnotic, looping flow of The Field's own output. Meanwhile, DAVE DK turns in a club-friendly revamp of 4AM EXHALE with the fittingly titled ACCELLERATOR MIX, indulging in exquisitely lyrical glitches and the magic of the straight bassdrum. JÖRG BURGER takes a shot at the beatless 5TH DIMENSIONS with the excellent DSCHUNGELOPER MIX - its loose pop jam feeling and flirty shuffle rhythm recall Burger's lush lounge core efforts under his Triola monicker. A sweeping digital bonus track comes from Pop Ambient staple LEANDRO FRESCO, whose revamp of WIRELESS MK2 rounds out this package with its sumptuous soundscapes and a keen sense for textural detail.

The Cow Remixes – Sin In Space Pt.3


  1. 9 Elms Over River Eno - The Field Remix
  2. 4am Exhale - Dave Dk Accellerator Mix
  3. 5th Dimensions - Jörg Burger Dschungeloper Mix