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Mario Batkovic


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Mixing classical and contemporary sound, Mario Batkovic seeks to explore the sonic possibilities of the accordion, without effects or loops, rather through a mu...

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nils frahm


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a world of microscopic & delicate sounds with the captivating sonic exposition of dampened piano.
Mario Batkovic
  1. Quatere
  2. Gravis
  3. Semper
  4. Restrictus
  5. Ineunte
  6. Desiderii Patriae
  7. Eloquens
  8. Machina
  9. Somnium

Mario Batkovic

Mario Batkovic

Invada Records
  • 2lp + download

    Released: 17th Mar 2017

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an utterly captivating and unique solo debut that demonstrates a dark, brooding side to the accordion we’ve never heard before.

a magnificently intense ocean of pulsating and shifting notes with engrossing and deeply emotive melodies. this will appeal to fans of Nils Frahm, Stephen O’Malley, BEAK>, Colin Stetson and Lubomyr Melnyk.