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Released: 17th Mar 2017


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Released: 17th Mar 2017


There's a raw beauty in the driving, insistent groove that powers the songs, the lean, snaking bass lines & the guitars that twine & twist around the melodies – intricate, rich & beautiful.

Kidal is the town in which Tamikrest first came together as a group & on this, their 4th album, they pay homage to this place that's nurtured them & their people. It's a cry of suffering & the yell of rebellion. “Kidal talks about dignity” Ag Mossa says. "This album evokes all the suffering & manipulation of our populations caught in pincers on all sides." the musical blending of Sahel Africa, the Maghreb, & the West feels utterly natural – a reflection of influences as diverse as Pink Floyd, Rachid Taha, & flamenco. Yet the Sahara, & the people who live there, is always firmly at its heart.



  1. Mawarniha Tartit
  2. Wainan Adobat
  3. Manhouy Inerizhan
  4. War Toyed
  5. Atwitas
  6. Tanakra
  7. War Tila Eridaran
  8. Ehad Wad Nadorhan
  9. Erres Hin Atouan
  10. Adoutat Salilagh
  11. Adad Osan Itibat