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Thurston Moore

Rock N Roll Consciousness

Ecstatic Peace Library


Released: 28th Apr 2017


lp + download

Released: 28th Apr 2017


limited 2lp + download

Released: 28th Apr 2017


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The one-time Sonic Youth guitarist's new solo album sees members of my bloody valentine & sonic youth locking horns for a choreographed brawl - a heavy, propulsive groove both classic & unpredictable.

The songs Thurston introduces are expansive, anthemic & exploratory with lyrics, co-written with poet Radio Radieux, investigating & heralding the love between angels, goddess mysticism & a belief in healing through new birth. Fans alienated by Moore’s more off the cuff solo output will feel welcomed back. There’s that familiar 'Daydream' jangle, the clatter of a dozen guitars circling Moore’s casual meditations.

Natasha recommends: “Glorious Guitars, Magical Melodies & Delicious Dissonance – what Moore could you ask for?”

“The result is tender, powerful avant-rock to shake the walls” – Mojo

Rock N Roll Consciousness


  1. Exalted
  2. Cusp
  3. Turn On
  4. Smoke of Dreams
  5. Aphrodite