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Joan Shelley


No Quarter


Released: 5th May 2017


LP + download

Released: 5th May 2017


an intimately beautiful record in which shelley creates a dark womb-like sonic space & fills it with a powerfully tender vocal performance.

recorded at The Loft in Chicago with Jeff Tweedy producing & again features guitarist Nathan Salsburg, Spencer Tweedy & James Elkington accompany Shelley on 11 new songs. "If I had my way, every song would eventually lead to empathy. Music can take you out of your head & into your body & heart, where there's more opportunity for empathy & a de-escalation of the dramas we make for ourselves.” – shelley. “this, her fourth album, is simply magical" 5/5 - the independent.




  1. We'd Be Home
  2. If the Storms Never Come
  3. Where I'll Find You
  4. I Got What I Wanted
  5. Even Though
  6. I Didn’t Know
  7. Go Wild
  8. The Push and Pull
  9. Pull Me Up One More Time
  10. Wild Indifference
  11. Isn't That Enough