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Barry Adamson

Love Sick Dick



Released: 14th Apr 2017



Released: 14th Apr 2017


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barry adamson, of bad seeds and magazine infamy, brings us the last words of satan as he steps on your fingers, watching you plunge into the abyss below.

a concept recording of sorts, following a desperate loner through a night in the city. adamson’s guttural snarls evoke a more squalid and sinister leonard cohen. an ep as brutal as it is intoxicating. blues meets house, fist meets face. “neo-goth full of  horror and tension, a lovelorn journey through the neon cities underbelly in search of desperate love and a redemption that is always out of reach.” – louder than war

Love Sick Dick


  1. I Got Clothes
  2. Sweet Misery
  3. People Like Us
  4. On Golden Square
  5. They Walk Among Us
  6. One Hot Mess