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Out in the Storm

Merge Records


Released: 14th Jul 2017


lp + foil stamp + poster + download

Released: 14th Jul 2017


indies only gatefold lp + foil stamp + poster + 'cloud white' bonus demo lp + download

Released: 14th Jul 2017


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Katie crutchfield’s rise from a diy indie-punk songwriter of rare songwriting-chops, to, well, the same but with people finally paying attention, reaches its delightful zenith on this fantastic album.

her use of the studio has developed at the same rate as her compositional flair, her fleshed-out songs and endlessly compelling voice nestling gorgeously in their warmer, bigger surroundings. said songs are also the most confessional and personal of her career, and ought to be embraced by listeners of the mitski’s of now, and the throwing muses’s of then. “Out in the Storm is pointed - urgent, almost - in its pursuit of warts-and-all defiance. This is, by a distance, the most out-and-out rock record that Crutchfield’s yet put out.” 8/10 – the line of best fit

Out in the Storm


  1. Never Been Wrong
  2. 8 Ball
  3. Silver
  4. Recite Remorse
  5. Sparks Fly
  6. Brass Beam
  7. Hear You
  8. A Little More
  9. No Question
  10. Fade