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Clipper Ship

Three Lobed


Released: 5th May 2017


LP + download

Released: 5th May 2017


James Toth (Wooden Wand) releases "Clipper Ship " which presents a break in tradition: in attempting to emancipate himself from old habits.

Toth wrote most of the songs on Clipper Ship, music first,adding lyrics later, a reversal of the tried and true method that has made him one of the most prolific and respected songwriters of his generation. The result is the most democratically-conceived, multi-layered, and musically sophisticated album in the vast Wooden Wand discography.

Clipper Ship


  1. School's Out
  2. Sacrificial
  3. Mexican Coke
  4. Mallow T'ward The River
  5. One Can Only Love
  6. Clipper Ship
  7. Mood Indica (Reprise)